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Hop on an Adventure Ride Against the Tide!

Posted in Accommodation @ Oct 25th 2017 11:36pm - By Administrator

The Ber months are speeding by like a jet boat. Time can swing by so fast, the next thing you know it’s 2018! Don’t let this year pass you by without going out of town with your loved ones. Weekend adventurers such as yourselves might want to push for a long adrenaline-pumping weekend interspersed with the coolest water activities ever. Great thing Sunshine Coast makes the perfect destination for crazy adventures against the tide!

Surf like nobody's watching. This statement most certainly rings true for people who might be leaning towards the athletically challenged side. But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to surfing. This watersport shouldn’t be limited to pros, because even pros started somewhere, right? If you want to achieve pro status, then sign up for a surfing session. Enjoy a wide range of surf schools available near the coastline and ride through big waves in no time.

Meet and greet a humpback whale. Such an experience can feel like a dream for most of us, but at Mooloolaba on Sunshine Coast, nothing is impossible. If you want to meet and greet one Mother Earth’s gentle giants, then tag your friends along and sign up for a day tour anytime between July and November, as this season times perfectly with the migration of the whales.

Accommodation Sunshine Coast

Mix the beauty of sea and land by hopping on the amphibious Caloundra Duck Tours. Let this two-hour trip take you places both land and water. Perfect for families, this sightseeing tour lets you  in on a massive array of local wildlife, such as the Pumicestone Passage, which houses about 350 species of migratory and regional birds. The tour also stops over at Bribie Island, the famous golden beaches of the Caloundra area. If you’re feeling, you might even chance upon dolphins, turtles, and dugongs.

Whatever the case, be sure your Sunshine Coast itinerary is filled to the brim. First off, check in at Aegean Mooloolaba Apartments. Reserve your preferred Accommodation Sunshine Coast via our online booking link today. It’s fast and easy!

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