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A Healthy Skin Regimen for Beach Bodies!

Posted in Accommodation @ Dec 28th 2017 8:43pm - By Administrator
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Be beach ready on your upcoming Sunshine Coast exploration with your girl friends. Know how to protect yourself from the sun, without altogether hiding yourself away from its radiant rays. Achieve a glowing skin that’s in. Skip the tanning beds and lay on the sandy shoreline with a drink in your hand. Here are some skincare tips to swear by:

Always hydrate. What does the fountain of youth have? It’s no secret, really – water. Water is always your friend. Most remedies to our daily aches and pains is water. In this case, we’re talking about dehydration. It’s so easy to ignore drinking water throughout the business of our days, but a lack in H2O also shows in our skin. No one wants to have rough and dry skin, so drink your water.

Using a hot shower can further dry your skin and hair. Hot showers are useful only in cold weather, and more especially for folks who have colds or nasal decongestion. However, frequently resorting to hot showers can leave your skin dry, and your hair, limp. Use cold or tap-temperature water from time to time.

Exfoliate gently. Before heading out to the beach, make sure you’ve exfoliated dead skin cells with your favourite scrub or loofah. Without doing so can leave your skin with an uneven tan after a prolonged day out in the open.

Sunscreen, soothing gels, and lotions are your bestfriends. Protect your skin from sun exposure with by applying a sunscreen. Soothe your skin with an aloe vera-infused gel after spending the day out by the shoreline, and generously pamper your skin with your favourite moisturiser or lotion to keep it from drying and peeling prematurely.

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